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The beach and the dunes

The beach: imagine 3 kilometres of fine sand that welcome you for relaxation and amusement. A family place but giving supervised access, both to the north and the south, to numerous activities such as sand yachting, sailing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, catamaraning or shrimping.

Nestling between the communes of St Etienne au Mont (to the North) and Dannes (to the South), the beach offers walking enthusiasts access to the two biggest protected dune areas on the Opal Coast and its dunes that rise up to 90 metres above sea-level with a breathtaking view of the region.

A unique forest domain

In its bosky bower, HARDELOT and its environs, a veritable window of greenery, is unquestionably one of the top locations in the Boulogne area that has best preserved its heritage of flora and fauna.
An encounter with nature and peace and quiet in the forests of maritime pines, beaches and oaks where the plants, insects, anurans, mammals and birds co-habit in perfect harmony.

Improvise rambles and rides

Horse riders and walkers share along these paths the charm and quiet of privileged places.

Take advantage of the marked circuits for walks and rambles.

Bike, mountain bike and horse riders are invited to contact the Tourist Office or consult the IGN map No2104 for more details about the paths available to them.

List of paths
Sentier des dunes d'Ecault - 11 kms – very easy – 2 3/4h
Sentier du Château - 14 kms - easy – 3 1/2h
Sentier du Mont Saint-Frieux - 6 kms – steep in places – 1 1/2h
Sentier du Hameau - 9 kms – very easy – 2 1/4h
Sentier des Collines - 20 kms - very steep in places – 5h